Absolute Neutrophil Count Calculation

Many people want to learn about the Absolute Neutrophil Count Calculation. This calculation is very useful to help them improve their overall health significantly. ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) is a the total neutrophil granulocytes in human's blood. There are many doctors or lab technicians who use this number for determining the health condition of some people. It can be measured by considering the total amount of white blood cells and percentage of neutrophils. The normal range for this ANC number is about 1,500 - 6,000 cells per microliter. This number can be used to detect some health problems in human's body.

Neutrophil is a very important part in our blood. Neutrophil cells are very important to help body fight against any types of infection. When these cells are low, people will become vulnerable to infection or illness. There are many factors that can cause low amount of ANC, for example radiation or chemotherapy treatment. Blood transplant can also cause low ANC in certain people. This condition should be solved immediately to avoid any other serious health problems in the future. This situation can be solved easily once the new blood cells mature completely. Low Absolute Neutrophil Count Calculation is indicated by an ANC that is less than 500 cells per microliter.

Some Factors Causing Low Neutrophil Count

There are some factors that can cause this condition. It is important for all people to learn about these conditions. Here are several common things that may cause low ANC situation.

  1. Folic acid deficiency. Low amount of folic acid or B12 may cause depletion of the neutrophil cells. The human body is not able to perform perfectly without having enough B12 in the human body system.
  2. Bacterial infections. There are some bacterial infections that may destroy these cells. As the result, the amount of ANC decreases very quickly. This situation usually occurs when pus is formed in the blood.
  3. Autoimmune disease. This is another common condition that may decrease the ANC very quickly. It is going to occur when the body secretes proteins that can destroy the neutrophil cells. Lupus is one of the most popular autoimmune diseases in the world.
  4. Leukemia. Some people may suffer from this condition. It is a blood cancer that may cause bone marrow to be replaced with the white blood cells. Leukemia can deplete the amount of white blood cells, including the neutrophil cells significantly.
  5. Medication effects. There are some medicines that can reduce the total amount of neutrophil cells very quickly. Therefore, people need to avoid some types of medications for allergies, vomiting, psychosis, and many other diseases.

They are some factors that can cause low Absolute Neutrophil Count. This number can be used to indicate some types of health problems. Therefore, many doctors want to analyze the Absolute Neutrophil Count calculation before they determine some health problems on their patients' body. This calculation is needed by all medical care experts who want to treat their patients effectively. People can have a complete blood testing in their favorite hospitals, so they can know their ANC number.