Absolute Neutrophil Count Normal Range

The number of neutrophil granulocytes or polymorphonuclear cells or white blood cells present in your blood can be measured in terms of Absolute neutrophil count in it. The white blood cells that are measured through absolute neutrophil counts help your body in fighting with infections.

The measurement of absolute neutrophil count is done by calculating the total number of white blood cells on the basis of combined percentage of bands immature neutrophil and mature neutrophils. Absolute neutrophil count normal range allows the doctors to decide about the treatment strategies to use for curing the patients with various serious diseases. Usually absolute neutrophil count is not mentioned separately on the standard reports of blood tests. They have to be calculated separately to know about the number of white blood cells in patient's body.

Types of Absolute Neutrophil Count values

Absolute neutrophil count values can be normal and abnormal. Absolute neutrophil count normal range exceeds from 2,300/mm3 in healthy person but if it is above 1,000/mm3 then it is said to be safe for treating the patient through chemotherapy. The value of absolute neutrophil count below 1,000/mm3 is said to be abnormal as it extremely increases the risk of infections.

Calculation of Absolute Neutrophil Count for Immunological Purposes

Normally human blood contains five types of white blood cells which are medically known as neutrophils, monocytes, lymphocytes, basophils and eosinophils. 55-70% of the total white blood cells in your blood are made of Neutrophils which help in the process of phagocytosis which helps you in fighting with infections by engulfing and digesting cell fragments and microorganisms. It is said to be Absolute neutrophil count normal range as your body gets prone to infections if the value of absolute neutrophil count decreases from this level. The production of neutrophil gets stimulated with traumatic and acute infection from bacteria which changes the counts of white blood cells. The excessive increase in the production of neutrophil helps in the formation of the immature neutrophils or stab cells which enters into your bloodstream.

Other benefits of Absolute neutrophil count

Absolute neutrophil count helps the patients in many ways including:

Immunological status of the patient in response to chemotherapy can be known through ANC. The production of white blood cells can be suppressed by the use of Myelosuppressive chemotherapy which severely increases the risk of infections. You can reduce the chemotherapy dose or delay the next chemotherapy if the ANC is below normal range. Successive neutro­penic effects after initial cycle of chemotherapy can be predicted on the basis of ANC value. It provides clearer picture of immunological status of the patient than only count of white blood cells or neutrophils. Abnormally low range of absolute neutrophil count of the hospitalized patients indicates the need of protective treatment to the patient to protect him from the exposure to various infections like runny nose, influenza or cold.

Thus, the absolute neutrophil count normal range prevents the patients from their exposure to infections due to the presence of white blood cells in suitable quantity in their blood.